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Scale Buddy

4.5 ( 525 ratings )
ミュージック 教育
開発者 Audio Artillery
0.99 USD

Scale Buddy is an application for your iPhone or iPod Touch that generates tablature for any combination of instrument, key, scale, and tuning. This is handy for learning guitar scales, bass scales, mandolin scales, etc, or as reference for those of us who arent inclined to memorization. It is primarily geared towards guitarists but also supports a variety of other stringed instruments.

The tab is laid out not for playing sequential notes but as a map of the fretboard. This is the most compact way to display the scale information and is quite convenient. Both portrait and landscape modes are supported.


Includes many common guitar tunings:

- Standard E
- Drop D
- Open G, A, D, and E
- "New Standard Tuning" (NST)

Many popular instruments:

- guitar (6-string, 7-string, bass)
- mandolin, mandola
- banjo (open-G)
- ukulele (ukelele, uke)
- violin, viola, cello

Most common scales:

- major
- minor (natural, harmonic, melodic)
- pentatonic (major and minor)
- "blues"